Kitten Contract

Please read our contract before contacting us for a kitten; thank you!

Sample Kitten Contract:

Sales Contract & Health Guarantee

Sales agreement for a kitten – This contract is for reserving a kitten. This kitten is being sold for a pet only. Not breeding.

Total cost for kitten – $2000; if pet transport needed plus transport fees

Kitten will be given Tica or Cfa registration papers once kitten is spayed/neutered and proof from a vet is provided. We require males and females to be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age to avoid spraying or heat cycles starting. Kitten will come with a welcome packet that includes a small bag of kibbles the kitten is used to eating, transition cat litter, a new toy, carrier, blanket, cat care guide written by us, and a kitten care booklet.

Kittens leave around 12 to 14 weeks old depending on buyer’s discretion as well as weather permitting for transportation; kittens will stay longer if a health problem should arise. If a health problem should a rise buyer can wait or transfer deposit to another available kitten from that litter or future litters.

Deposit is required to hold a kitten. Deposit is non-refundable. If buyer decides they would like to wait or get another kitten the deposit can be transferred to another future kitten available. The rest of the remainder of payment must be paid before pickup by personal check, cash in person or by online payment method. Final payment is due after you choose your kitten which will be anytime after birth up to 4wks. If paying by check it must be sent with a tracking number priority mail. Then breeder will order kittens supplies and schedule kitten’s vet visit.

Seller can deny kitten to buyer if not seen fit and if deposit was already given it will be refunded.

Kittens will be vet checked and given fvrcp vaccine before leaving. They will need a 2nd fvrcp vaccine once in your care; date needed will be provided in health care pamphlet provided in care package. Kittens are dewormed at least twice before leaving. If needed kittens/cats will be given flea treatment before leaving.

Kitten is guaranteed healthy at time of sale. Buyer has 72 hours to bring kitten/cat to vet of their choosing for a checkup. Only core vaccines such as Fvrcp and Rabies are advised; if kitten is given the Leukemia vaccine the health guarantee is null and void.  If the kitten is confirmed in writing by the vet to have a health problem or congenital defect (excluding deafness since that is common in white cats) that is thought to have existed at the time of sale and is in writing by the vet doing the checkup within 72 hour of the delivery date a replacement kitten can be chosen excluding weekends and holidays. No refund of shipping/delivery costs etc. will be given. The replacement kitten will be at the discretion of the breeder. Before replacement kitten is given the breeder may request that the kitten is returned first (buyer to pay for return). The breeder will not be responsible for the buyers vet bills. (Conditional upon vet check by sellers own vet).  Replacement of kitten is guaranteed if a fatal genetic condition is discovered within one year from date of sale if seller is notified in writing within 2 weeks an autopsy must be performed by a licensed professional or kitten returned if alive (again conditional upon examination of sellers vet if kitten is alive). If replacement kitten is given, shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  Kitten must be isolated from all other cats prior to said vet visit and for ten days after or health guarantees are null and void. If the Buyer refuses replacement the Breeder will have no further obligation to the Buyer. Seller does not make any guarantee that kitten/cat will be accepted or accept other pets. Seller will not refund a kitten/cat.

  • Buyer agrees that the cat will be given a quality diet, clean living atmosphere and fresh water.
  • Buyer agrees that the cat will be given attention and not left alone for more than one day at a time. If buyer goes away a pet sitter or friend/family etc. will visit kitten/cat for food and attention.
  • Buyer agrees that the cat will be given enrichment activities like toys and scratch posts.
  • Buyer agrees that the kitten/cat will never be declawed.
  • Buyer agrees the kitten/cat is an indoor only pet, outside time is okay if in an enclosure or with a harness supervised by buyer, kitten/cat will not be left to roam freely outdoors.
  • Buyer agrees that this is a lifetime commitment.
  • Buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will not be sold, leased or surrendered to a shelter, pet store, research laboratory or anything in that nature.
  • Buyer agrees to not leave kitten unsupervised with puppies or dogs unless it is safe to do so and to not leave them together if dog is rough to kitten or cat. A customer lost a kitten this way and it is very important to not take unnecessary risks.
  • Buyer agrees if they can’t keep kitten/cat that it Must be returned to seller and buyer must pay transport if needed. If kitten/cat must be returned to seller no refund will be given. Seller has the right to decline taking kitten/cat back if it has a contagious cat illness in that circumstance Seller will help Buyer to find a home. If Seller can’t take kitten back Seller will help find a suitable home.
  • Buyer agrees not to vaccinate kitten for Leukemia or Fip; they can cause Fip and are not safe
  • Buyer agrees when vaccinating kittens to only do one vaccine per visit to prevent injuries
  • Buyer agrees when doing spay/neuter to not vaccinate at that same visit; at least 1wk before but 4wks is best to avoid immune system compromise
  • Buyer agrees that if any of these conditions are violated kitten/cat will be unconditionally surrendered to breeder.
  • The parties agree in the event that this contract is to be litigated; it must be litigated in the county of Cattaraugus, in the state of New York.